Designer Neeru Kumar

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Khadi is a beautiful, natural weave. The yarn is hand spun and woven into cloth on hand looms.


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The Art of Shibori. Uing the Japanese technique of resist dying, all of which is done by hand. The end result is attained by stitching, twisting, binding, clamping or folding the fabric which creates a unique look for every piece.


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Kantha is a style of stitching found in Indian embroidery. Classically created by stacking old saris and hand stitching them together using a simple running stitch to make a thin cushioned layer.


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Bandhini is the art of tying small knots on fabric with a continuous thread and then overdyeing it. The result is a vibrant and irregular mix of colour.


Our silk is a sheer, lightweight, fabric which is breathable and luxurious, holding a beautiful drape.


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